Summer Bucket List

This year I decided to start a “Summer Bucket List” (ok, lets get honest, I saw and stole the idea from another blogger: )  But, I will pretend for the moment that I am the super cool mom that thought this up as a brilliant idea as a way to do all of the really fun things that their kids wants to do over the summer, with a few really cool things I want to do, too!

So, “the kid”, aka Caitlyn, my super brainy, absolutely adorable, wonderfully witty 10 year old poured over her bucket list (her initial reaction to this suggestion, brows furrowed, was “don’t you have to die to have a Bucket List”? Um, I hope not.).  Anyway – she came up with her own suggestions, I added mine – we discussed and debated a little (when I say “debate” I may mean “veto” – as in “NO” #12 on your list – adopt another dog – is not even a consideration. I learn from my mistakes. ) and came up with the following:

  1. Start a blog
  2. Go to the zoo
  3. Nosh on some Ted Drewes frozen custard (not familiar with Ted Drewes??? Must not be from St Louis!)
  4. Have a balloon fight (we have not warned the siblings!)
  5. Make ice cream
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Go to the City Museum
  8. Catch fireflies
  9. See what the fuss is about at Strange Donuts
  10. Dog Camp at Purina Farms
  11. Go sailing
  12. Visit Niagara Falls
  13. And while we’re so close, hope on over to Canada, eh?
  14. Finally try a Gus’ Pretzel (again, a St Louis thing)
  15. Make a stepping stone for the garden
  16. Endure a 5 day road trip (did I mention I loathe road trips?? Maybe in a convertible with the top down and the tunes up….but no…this will be with the parents and the kid in a truck and a camper. ‘nough said.)
  17. Get “the kid” to try Lobster while in Maine (this may never  happen…)
  18. Learn to Instagram (yea, I’m probably the only one not doing this.)
  19. Figure out what a hashtag is and how to use it (man, I sound old. I’m really not. ok maybe I am.)
  20. Take the kids for family photos
  21. Take the  youngest for an Olde Time Photo (got one of the older kids when they were her age, so its now her turn!
  22. Make a playlist for our roadtrip
  23. Get more pedicures
  24. Make S’Mores
  25. See the movie Earth to Echo
  26. Buy all school supplies no later than one week prior to the start of school
  27. Go to a festival
  28. Finish the Summer Fun Reading program at the library
  29. Try at least 5 new recipes
  30. Make pet rocks for the garden

I think thats enough for now – we may add more to the list as we think of them, but this give us a agood start!  And a plan for a fun summer! (Although I’m still leery about that road trip….)


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