“S’moremygahd” aka yeah, we’re a little redneck…


Last night we decided on an impromptu S’more feast…we had the chocolate, we had the graham crackers..we had the marshmallows…we just didn’t have the campfire. But that wasn’t gonna stop us girls from havin’ our S’mores. So, we fired up the Traeger grill. (c; And since the kid was squeamish about putting her marshmallow on a stick (whats with kids these days) we pulled out the Craftsman BBQ set I got hubby as kind of a joke one year that’s been sitting around collecting dust. Might as well put that to use. So, all in all, this definitely bordered on redneck but hey, it got the job done and in the end – covered in icky sticky wonderfully delightful chocolatey goodness – all I could think was – Wow…. I forgot how great S’mores were. Totally doing it again tonight.