Summer begins…. aka… What am I doing???

Ok, so really summer began a couple of weeks ago.  With getting school ending, summer camp starting, it has taken us a couple of weeks to get “in the groove”.  This my first attempt at a “blog”. I really don’t even understand the concept of a “blog”.  I don’t even know how to write a “blog”..and I truly don’t expect anyone to read it (truth be told, I really hope nobody does as the last thing I do well is write….).  But, I have promised myself that I will learn how to do this because I run an Etsy shop – KayBeeStudios -(shameless plug, but while I’m being shameless check out another family members shop too: InsanityArtworks) and have been told that I need to “get with it” and expand my online presence.  So, I decided to learn the blogging world by starting small and creating this little blog to document One Wonderful Summer spent primarily with my delightful 10 year old daughter Caitlyn,  but also with the rest of the “fam”.  We plan on spending our summer ticking off items on our “Summer Bucket List“, listening (and possibly dancing) to our “Summer Tunes”, and noshing on some “Summer Yummies”.  For those of you who basically stumbled onto this bumbling little attempt at a blog – feel free to follow along (c;


–  Kathi


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